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Business Continuation - In the event of an Emergency

In order to provide uninterrupted client service in the event of an emergency or natural disaster Wealth Management Solutions, LLC has designed a business continuation plan to protect our clients, their personal data and insure that any immediate needs can be addressed.

We have taken the following steps to protect your personal data:

  1. We store client files in locked, fireproof filing cabinets.
  2. Client data housed on computers is backed up daily to a secure server which is located off site.

How to contact us:

In the event of an emergency we will contact both our telephone vendor and telephone service provider to establish remote call forwarding of all office lines to a designated alternative number. This will allow our clients to reach a live person off site by dialing our main number (614) 942-1300.

If the circumstances of the situation do not allow for remote forwarding, clients may contact Cetera Advisor Networks at 1-800.879.8100  . Representatives at this number will be able to provide clients with information regarding Wealth Management Solutions, LLC. and provide account services if necessary.

Additionally, in the event of a business interruption, this page will be updated to provide pertinent information relating to the situation at hand and to provide instructions on how to contact your representative.