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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our approach to investment starts with the idea that it is crucial to understand a client’s complete financial situation before making investment recommendations so as to not duplicate other investments or take unnecessary risks. Our 9 step approach is designed to meet highly held industry standards for comprehensive financial planning.

  • Meet and Establish Client/Planner relationship
  • Identify objectives and goals of client
  • Gather data on income, expenses, investments, retirement plans, pensions, social security, college funds, life insurance and other savings
  • Analyze and evaluate results taking into consideration the impact taxes and inflation
  • Develop recommendations to help the client achieve their objectives
  • Communicate recommendations to client in a clear and concise format in an interactive meeting allowing the client to ask questions and express concerns
  • Implement the plan with the agreed upon strategies and investment products
  • Provide ongoing monitoring by meeting with the client to make adjustments as necessary or analyze progress toward meeting goals
  • Provide planning services with professional ethics and integrity within the regulatory standards of our occupation
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